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The Show

So I had this crazy idea to create my very own talk show. I lost focus for my vlog last year after my original idea went belly up – see THIS post for details.

Over the years I’ve been told by friends that I know a whole lot of useless information. I’ve also talked to myself and said “you have an opinion about everything” which is sooo true! Last week I had the idea to pivot from a vlog to a show where I can talk about whatever moves me at the time – wellness, politics, faith, entrepreneurship, fashion, travel, beauty – all from the Christian point-of-view.

The name of the show is:

I’m very excited about this new endeavor but I need Jesus and I need You to make it a worthy venture. I have idea what I’m doing. But that has rarely stopped me before so here goes everything!

When & Where

The show will happen Tuesdays at 6pm CST. I’m still not sure whether it will be a live show or pre-recorded long-term but the first show will be on Zoom. I’ll post the details on this website, Instagram & Facebook pages so check back there.

Upcoming Shows

May 12 – Black Beauty
The confluence of beauty, self image, social impression, and emotional identity. Why does wearing a long weave or wig make me feel soo different about myself?

May 19 – Our Global God
One Lord. One Faith. One Baptism. How aware are you of what’s going on with our brothers and sisters in other parts of the world? Modern day missions.

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