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I Quit My Job – 4/22 Update

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Whelp – I have Good News & Sad News!

The sad news is that I found on Monday that I was not approved to take the voluntary buyout….#LeSigh.  I had BIG plans for that money and the time I would gain for not having to be tethered to a full-time corporate job.  I am very disappointed BUT also very determined to double-down on my entrepreneurial efforts in pursuit of a more balanced life.

Leaving my job was not the Lord’s will for me at this time and to that I say “Praise the Lord!” Even though I’m disappointed because from my vantage point this was the perfect solution at the perfect time, I’m 100% sure that God has a better plan to move me and my business forward.

#Facts  #IStillBelieveGod

So what am I gonna do now?


I said before it was announced that even if I was not accepted I would keep praying about it. God is able to cause the company to offer it again – earlier than the every 5 year cycle that’s been their pattern.


Having no big influx of cash and no additional time means I’m going to have to be very strategic in how I build my entrepreneurial empire. One key part of this is keeping my energy level up which for me means consistently eating healthier and figuring out how to move more which is a big challenge when you spend so much time on computers.

What I’m Not Gon’ Do is Quit!

I ran across this video from T.D. Jakes about 3 weeks ago and it speaks to those time when the enemy whispers quitting words to our minds:

In my younger days a disappointment or a frustration would cause me to go into a quitting season. I would always come out of it but I lost time that I could have been pursuing. Thank God for being a deliverer!

Thanks for reading & Be Encouraged!

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