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New Brand Alert – Fat Girl Fit

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Hey Y’all!

So…I’m back on my fitness hustle. While I was in Dallas for my birthday last month I purchased a pair of leggings with the pockets in the side. I’d been wanting to get a pair and looked at Fabletics but they make you get a subscription and I’ve been told they make it hard for you to cancel. #AintNobodyGotTimeForThat

I put these leggings on yesterday and I love them. They are high waisted and they are bright and colorful which you know I like. You can see a bit of them on my first workout video below.

Yes, I know it’s kinda pitiful BUT it’s real. I have over 400 videos on my phone that I’ve never uploaded to my YouTube channel because I was waiting to edit and make them perfect. #AintNobodyGotTimeForThat

I have a lilac t-shirt but it’s too short for me to be comfy so I decided to design one that will match. Here’s what I came up with:

A while ago I had the idea to create a brand for plus-size fitness content. I bought the domain but never did anything with it…until now. Meet Fat Girl Fit. To start the brand will be a series of fitness-related t-shirt designs. I really like them because they are sized right – I wear a 2X and it’s not too small. It’s long enough so it doesn’t ride up when I’m moving unlike the shirt I was wearing in this video. They are also soft, have a bit of lycra, and the right weight. Not too thin that it’s see through but not to thick that its too hot and heavy to workout in.

I added it to my marketplace and you can get it on my brand new online marketplace here:

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