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Keto Christmas & Vlogmas 2021

Another year has passed and I have not made substantial progress towards my goal of losing weight. In fact, while I escaped 2020 without gaining the covid + work-from-home 15, I accomplished that feat this year weighing in at my highest EVER!

While I have lost back down to my recent range but still this is ridiculous. I can do better…but I have to really, truly want to do better, make a plan to do better, and put systems and tools in place to do better.

That’s why I’m here today – November 27th….

Not giving in to the “wait til after the holidays” programming which has not worked yet. TODAY is the day to do what I need to do. So I’m starting today putting things in place and preparing myself to be uncomfortable until I get down to my perfect size 18.

One of the tools I need is motivation to do stuff I would honestly rather not do. That’s where vlogmas comes in. Vlogmas is a YouTube tradition where vloggers commit to uploading a video everyday up thru Christmas. I’m going to use #KetoChristmas as my theme. One thing I don’t like is being rachet outchea in these innanet streets and not doing what I tell my audience I’m going to do. I will stay up late to keep my word, so combining that with my weight-loss journey should give me the motivation to keep it going.

I don’t have everything planned out yet but I will by December 1st. Some of the things I will commit to are:

  • No processed sugar – no desserts or beverages with extra sugar like sweet tea
  • No fried foods
  • No bread, rice, or potatoes
  • 100% pure fruit & veggie juice blends – made by The Juicy Cactus
  • Limited fruits
  • I will NOT eat bacon everyday
  • I will do at least 10 minutes of exercise EVERDAY!
  • I will record a video of something and post it EVERYDAY!

No this is not strict keto…but it has worked for me in the past. Plus, the calculator I used allows me to have 100 carbs/day for my height/weight and I should still go into ketosis and lose weight.

If you have 100+ pounds that you need to lose I invite you to join me and start planning NOW.

My cousin is joining me on this journey and we’re going to co-workout at a gym in our area that’s halfway between both of our houses. Find you a buddy to workout with and to help you remember WHY you are committing to short-term suffering for long-term gain.

I’ve made excuses for far too long and have wasted way to much time. If the Lord allows this pesky virus to decline, I want to be on somebody’s airplane this Spring headed to Turkey and South Korea, and I don’t want to hafta pay $10k for a first class seat neither. #BigGoals


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