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Looking Back to Find the Way Forward

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Ran across a post on LinkedIn today – click the photo to view the entire post:

There’s power in being connected to history.

I’m sure the people of history who lived through previous pandemics, civil wars, world wars, the Great Depression, and other like traumatic events also experienced fatigue and desperately wished for things to go back to normal.

When I think of those people and the many people today who are experiencing far harder times. Like my high school classmate whose been dealing with cancer for over 5 years and the doctors are quickly reaching the limit of what they can try – I just can’t bring myself to complain about the inconveniences, uncertainties, and limitations put on me by Covid.

By the grace of God, one day Covid too will pass into history. Until then I’m resolved to soldier on, be gentler and kinder with everyone, and look for the peaks of blue sky that are always just beyond the clouds and make the best of today.


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