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Streamlining The Vision

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Yep….I’m one of those!  One of those people who have waaay more ideas than I have time or money to really do but I keep trying to do them all anyway. Yes, I know the first piece of advice any mentor, coach, or consultant would tell me is to focus on one thing. Honestly….I’ve tried but I never seem to be successful long-term.

Several times I’ve shelved projects off my plate to allow myself to put all of my efforts into to learning, planning, funding, launching, growing, promoting, building one thing. But invariably I seem to find some really solid justifications for adding some of the shelved ones back or even creating new ones.

As of today, I have 4 business email accounts, 4 Instagram profiles, 7 Facebook business pages & groups I manage, 4 websites, and 3 online stores.  Sadly, I am a charter member of team #DisTewMuch and I know I am not alone in this foolishness. And this does not include my volunteer work for my local church.

My goal is to re-engineer as much of this birds nest of ideas, brands, products, and purposes into a single cohesive thing which will simplify my life which is 100% needful and necessary at this point. The challenge is how to do it so it makes sense and does  not become the online version of a thrift store.

By nature I’m a branding person and it takes me all of 5 minutes to go from vision to logo to brand story to website. Everything I’ve created has it’s own look & feel and story:

Olivia & Ruby Handmade Goods

Great Idea Girl Graphic Design

Fab Faith Life Blog/Vlog

Ruby Naturals T-Shirts

My first challenge is to connect all of these things together and I’m starting by updating Olivia & Ruby with a new look and adding some new products. My goal is to launch the new & improved online store June 1st.

If you’ve gone through a re-brand or consolidation of your business ideas – #share. I would love to hear your experiences.

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