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2018 – The Year of Slow Living

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As 2017 transitioned into 2018 last night at church while praising God, I awoke this morning to a deep knowledge of what I need to focus on. For me, 2018 will be the year I consciously take care of myself and I’m calling it the Year of Slow Living.

If you look at multi-tasking in the dictionary you’ll find my picture. One gift that I’m most grateful for is my God-given imagination. I can get a single thought and immediately see that thing a year down the road. In about 10 seconds I see all the possibilities and at about 15 seconds I see all the steps I need to do to make it happen and see myself experiencing it. It’s a great gift but for me it’s led to subconsciously not prioritizing taking care of myself as well as I should have.

In 2017, I launched this blog, planned a clothing line, retooled Olivia & Ruby and participated in my first big show, went on solo road trips to Ohio and Dallas, designed booklets for a Women’s conference and Church convention, produced a few funeral programs for church members, designed a series of line sheet templates for Great Idea Girl, and just recently planned, launched, and managed a Christmas Popup shop.

In 2017 I’ve also managed to cut my natural hair off for the 3rd time because I’m too busy to take care of it. I’ve taken showers because baths take too long. And at work I’ve shown up for meetings that were cancelled, shown up to the wrong conference room for other meetings, and completely forgotten about yet other meetings.

Just this week the Holy Spirit had to tell me that I had a bladder infection after not paying close attention to some symptoms I’ve had for at least the last month or so.  One Friday last month I even came home to a dark house after forgetting to pay my utility bill.

Yep…I’m a charter member of team #DoingTooMuch.

I even see that a major reason for my weight is tied to what I’m calling fast living because waiting until I get hungry to think about what I’m going to eat usually leads to poor food choices.

My days of thinking I can do EVERYTHING that my overactive imagination envisions by myself and still do what’s needful has been proven to be a big fat lie. I’ve got to face it head on and change.

Just how am I going to implement Living Slow?

I have no idea! But I just know I’ve got to. I also know that God has opened some amazing doors that I’ve been wanting to walk through for a loooong time. I’m going to try to devote myself to seeking the Lord and getting His wisdom on how to apply wisdom to my life during the month of January. But..even as I write this ‘The List’ of things I need to do pops into my head.

So I’m reaching out to my tribe.  What are your tip, tricks, and best practices for to managing your life?  #Holla

xoxo – tonya

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