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Journey to Keto

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I’ve been working from home since March of this year and I LOVE it! I’ve been cooking more and tackling some projects around the house that I put off for far too long.

For me the difference has been being home already. When I had to leave the house for work time was spent prepare to leave the house and be gone for 8-10 hours each day. Added to that was the travel time – and I live pretty close to my job. There’s also the thing about coming home after my peak energy time had passed. I rarely got home before 8pm and tackling a big project was a big, fat Nope. Now I intermingle household tasks with work and it’s making me much more productive.

Last month it occurred to me that many of the reasons I haven’t adopted a more balanced diet was always being away from home. Whether work or church or connecting with family/friends – I was almost never home. That meant a lot of fast food, usually not the healthy kind.

I decided on June 1st I would Tackle my HUN and plan my meals so they would be very low carb. What’s different this time is that I took an entire month to develop a plan. I thought about the feelings I commonly have around food and put together a strategy to manage them. I thought about things like what if I have a taste for something sweet? What if I don’t want bacon & eggs for breakfast, what else can I have? What if I want something fruity to drink? I was able to find keto options for all of these events which I think will be a big help.

I also recognized that sometimes I eat before I think. To cope with that I created a printable pep talk that I promised myself that I will take the time and read it before I put anything in my mouth.

My first check-in will be June 8th. I’ve decided to do it every week so I can keep this process top-of-mind. I have a gazillion projects going on all the time and it’s easy to lose sight of what I’m supposed to be doing.

If you’ve had a weightloss goal that you haven’t gotten serious about and you’re also working from home, I invite you to join me on this journey. We can do this! If you’re doubtful just look at Instagram. There are so many inspiring stories of people who started at the just the place you are right now. If they can do it – we can do it.

Let’s do this!

PS – Yep, that’s my starting weight #biggirl

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