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A Royal Wedding

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Today I was blessed to be a witness to history.  It felt similar to the frigid day in Washington, DC in January 2009 when Barack Obama was sworn in as the first African-American president of the United States.  I along with three friends drove 13 hours to be in the crowd and to be a witness to something new that had never happened before.  Events like these are always notable, sometimes interesting, and if we’re lucky – exciting.  In my opinion today’s wedding fulfilled all three.

I ‘discovered’ the British royal family July 1981 when Lady Diana Spencer married Prince Charles.  I’d never knew they existed before my Mom bought a People magazine with Lady Di on the cover the week of the wedding. I was instantly enthralled with the history, the fashion, and the pomp and circumstance. From that point on I kept up with the British Royals and learned about royalty around the globe from Japan to Africa.  I learned about the few people of African-descent who were/are part of this exclusive club called royalty like modern-day Angela of Lichtenstein or the historic figure Princess Charlotte.  Today was significant because nobody is bigger and better at the royalty game than Great Britain. It’s also relatable because although technically – like Obama – Meghan is biologically only 50% African-American – like many of us she was raised by a single black mother which means she is our cousin! #SoSerious

Like Meghan – and Harry, many of us are the products of divorced or eternally separated parents. We can sympathize with the high-drama that often comes with family get-togethers and with half-siblings who always talking about us but we don’t even know them like that. Many of us can relate to knowing waaay more about our Mother’s side of the family than our Dad’s just because we spent more time with them.  This sense of shared experience makes Meghan, now Duchess of Sussex, our cousin and we are rooting for her.  And no one better not say anything bad about her or we will fight!

To honor the occasion I decided to host my very own Royal Wedding Viewing Party at the house, complete with decorations and treats.  I didn’t have to buy anything because I have tons of royal-esque décor that I use in my side hustle Olivia & Ruby. I just printed a few photographs and created a tabletop vignette to mark the occasion.  I did create the Harry & Meghan artwork with the Union Jack and listed a set of 3 posters in my other side hustle Great Idea Girl.

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