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A Theory for Work

I started a new position at work. It’s been a new experience for me because the VP took a liking to me because of a proposal I wrote and he has been trying to get me over in his area for two years.

I’ve been at this company over 20 years and consider myself one in a crowd of peons. I don’t hang with the movers & shakers, in crowd, or higher ups. They don’t know me and I’m okay with that. I make a good salary, have good benefits, and most of the time I’ve been able to do work that was interesting and enjoyable to me. I’ve been blessed!

Because this VP has been telling everyone how great I am for two years, I come to this new role feeling a bit of pressure to prove I’m smart and to live up to what’s been said about me. My response is to talk Gods truth to my own self and remind myself “I’m here to serve”. To remind myself I’m not here to work so I can become a star or even to get a big bonus or raise – although I truly could use one. This position was a lateral move so I did not get a raise with it.

This morning as I was working on some ideas that would benefit the company, I once again reminded myself “I’m here to serve.” I heard the words “whatever is right I will pay” so I looked up the scripture to reread the story.

This meaning of this parable is kinda hard to grasp. On the surface it seems very unfair for someone who worked 6am to midnight to get the same pay as someone who only worked 11pm to midnight. Added to that insult, the latecomers got their money first.

It’s true the early birds negotiated their rate – one denarius. At the time they didn’t know they could have asked for more based on the time worked. One denarius for one days work was acceptable to them….until it wasn’t.

But what if the “prize” wasn’t the pay but the privilege of working in the vineyard?  Whether you worked all day or just one hour – all could say I got to work in the vineyard.

Lord – help me to work as unto you, knowing whatever you see as right you will give to me. Amen!

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