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Startup Life My Creative Business Journey

My Creative Business Journey

Today and I want to talk business. Specifically about my creative business Olivia + Ruby and the footprint I want it to leave and the impact that I want it to have in the world going forward. To do this I first need to talk about how I got here. I launched O+R in 2015 …

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Startup Life Streamlining The Vision

Streamlining The Vision

Yep….I’m one of those!  One of those people who have waaay more ideas than I have time or money to really do but I keep trying to do them all anyway. Yes, I know the first piece of advice any mentor, coach, or consultant would tell me is to focus on one thing. Honestly….I’ve tried …

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Startup Life Making A Living Online – DNVBs

Making A Living Online – DNVBs

In my current day job I’m working on creating an education program for our sales force on how to have conversations with online retailers.  One thing I know about human nature is that no one likes to be caught off guard, especially when it comes to dealing with your customers.  Good sales people want to …

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