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Faith According to Your Faith

According to Your Faith

An Impossible Situation About four hundred years before Moses birth, through God’s providence Jacob’s son Joseph arrives in Egypt under less than promising circumstances. After a series of unfortunate events Joseph is appointed second in command to Pharoah just in time to save the rest of his family from a severe famine in their land. …

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Faith Surrender to God

Surrender to God

This Sunday School lesson continues the message from James 3:13-18 where we learn: True wisdom shows itself in humility – a modest view of one’s own importance The opposite of this wise humility is bitter jealousy – a resentful anger towards others because of their abilities, advantages or achievements – and selfish ambition – a …

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Faith Faith Works – It is Done

Faith Works – It is Done

The Lord woke me up at 5am this morning with a song Speak Lord by Tamela Mann: Verse 1 Here I am again on unsure ground,Made a move once beforeOn my own, it was wrong, (I fell down).Lord, You know how hard it waWhen you picked me up,And I learned to be still,And wait on …

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Faith It’s Not Dead Yet

It’s Not Dead Yet

I love the scent of rosemary. When I bought my house I picked a lot that faces south so I can grow almost anything in the front yard. One Christmas I was in one of the big box home stores and bought a cute little rosemary topiary to sit on my table. It gave my …

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Faith The God of Coincidences

The God of Coincidences

Ran across this quote which spoke to my current experience… “When we pray, coincidences happen” It was spoken by Zen Wijeyesinghe (pronounces wa-jay-sing-a) who I came across while using the Bible App. When I study scripture I like to review the comments left by others and learn what God is ministering to them on the …

Faith Little In Our Own Eyes

Little In Our Own Eyes

“Samuel said (to King Saul), although you were once small in your own eyes, did you not become the head of the tribes of Israel? The Lord anointed you King over Israel” – 1 Samuel 15:17 NIV After 7+ years working as a multimedia developer I’m ready for a new job. One thing I like …

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Faith A Reason for the Hope – A Promise & A Party

A Reason for the Hope – A Promise & A Party

1 Peter 3:15 asks each of us who are believers in Jesus Christ to be able to give others a reason for the hope that we have in Christ.  I ran across this post on Facebook and the accompanying video and it blessed me so I wanted to share it with you: Video of Arianna’s Sweet 16 Birthday Party Her name …

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