About FFL

About FFL

Faith Faith Life was born on my way to my milestone 50th birthday. I wanted to begin sharing my journey and sharing my life as a single, Christian, creative of a certain age. Plus I think the innanet needs need more content creators who are over 40 and have some real-life experience behind them. #facts

The Shift

Just after the new year after turning 49 a few months back I remember waking up with the idea that the things that I’d previously been interested in no longer were as interesting to me. In place of was a new desire to travel around the world, meet people who who live differently and who have different life experiences than I have growing up in the US.

I’m particularly interested in connecting with Christians and church communities in other countries. I’m also interested in BAM – Business As Mission and I can see myself using my 20+ years of work experience + side hustles and using it for a good cause.

I spent a year daydreaming about visiting and moving to another country. Now I love traveling – periodt. I’ve visited many places in the US, been on numerous road trips, including solo road trips. I’ve only visited Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean – never outside North America. But I’m re’ta’go!


Whew chile! While I was dreaming about traveling the world, my ability to save toward this goal was non-existent. Every penny I had was allocated to something – funding my side hustles, student loan, SUV payment, mortgage, and the dreaded card card bills. I saw no way to save toward this goal anytime soon. I would go someday….just not today.

A Buyout

In 2018 my company offered a voluntary buyout which I applied for. Expecting to leave I crafted exciting plans to finally travel internationally. I’d been praying after the previous buyout that when the next one came along I would be able to take it. After some praying and some calculating I signed the paperwork and click submit. I just knew this was the Lord’s will for me and I was here for it!

Fast forward to April 2019, the day when the company would notify us if our offer to leave early was accepted. I was not approved! I was so disappointed. I had a plan but God always has better plans.

And Along Came Covid

So I floated for the next year still daydreaming but making no real financial progress on the travel fund. Then along comes Covid.

This ridiculously awful virus has brought a mixed bag of experiences with bad stuff and good stuff happening at the same time. We’ve all seen the numbers of sick, hospitalized, and deceased. But we’ve also seen US companies who for years said employees could not work from home embrace this new reality giving many of us a much-needed break.

One of the benefits for me was that the Lord blessed me to pay off all of my credit card debt by loaning myself money from my 401k at a much lower interest rate. #WontHeDoIt

Now I’m re-calibrating my finances, learning to trade for income, re-visiting my side hustles to see what to keep vs cut off, struggling to be more active and cut carbs, and planning a year of one-month sabbaticals.

I’m soo excited about where God may have me to go, do, and the people I’ve yet to meet!

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